Our Fleet

  • SAFETY is a very high priority at Twin Express, our drivers must have at least two years experience and many of them have over 10 years. This experience also helps to reduce downtime, late deliveries and claims. We require our drivers to obey all Federal and State Regulations and we also require our dispatchers to set up the dispatch times and arrival times to allow the drivers to accomplish this goal.
  • EQUIPMENT: Twin Express trailers are replaced every four years to allow us to incorporate the latest technology in lighting, refrigeration equipment and suspensions, etc. Tractors are also replaced every four years. This equipment rotation program reduces downtime, increases efficiency, and allows us to hire and retain experienced drivers. All trailers are air ride equipped and have full anti lock brake systems.
  • DATA RECORDERS: All trailers placed in service are equipped with data recorders, which provide a detailed report of the refrigeration unit operation.
  • COMMUNICATION: All units are equipped with Qualcomm satellites to enable us to have continuous contact with our drivers and allow us to update our customers at any time regarding deliveries etc. Our key employees all have pagers and computers at home so we can provide 24-hour service to customers and drivers.
  • DISPATCH: Our dispatchers use our computers, software and Qualcomm communication systems to ensure your freight is picked up and delivered on time. They can give you up to date locations of your loads if necessary.