"Growing up in a small town I was always fascinated by big shiny trucks.
My dad was a baker by trade but became an independent truck owner
when I was 12 years old. When my dad would return from his long trips
I would crawl up into his cab and sit behind the wheel thinking someday
I might be able to be a truck driver. I would also always help my dad
get his truck and trailer all washed and shinned up before he went out
on another run. 
As it turned out I never did become a truck driver. I went on to school
and have a background in International trade and ended up working
for an International Meat Trading Company exporting Beef, Pork, Equine
to about 80 different countries and importing Meat and Seafood back
into the United States. 
I worked my way up through this company to become the Director of Export
Transportation so not only was I working with all modes of transportation
 rail, motor carriers, airlines, steamship companies but I also
headed the invoicing and documentation department working with
Letters of Credit, time and date drafts, and international documentation
requirements to allow entry into a foreign country when exporting or allow entry into the
The United States when importing. 
I grew so tired of trucking companies always being late for load and delivery appointments
and telling me stories about their location that turned out to be nonfactual information.
I had very strict delivery schedules that had to be made. I could not deal with untruthful
information which could jeopardize not being able to meet the terms of a valuable shipment
under very strict time requirements to be onboard a vessel.
It was at this point in my life I decided to start a trucking company built on honesty
and dependability to my customers, my drivers, and owner operators. I started with one truck
and grew the company with owner operators and adding more company trucks in time.
In the 70ties you still had to have authority to be able to transport goods so I applied and
received authority to transport goods and started to serve my customers. In 1980
this authority was done away with and the era of deregulation began where anyone showing
financial stability and having the necessary insurance requirements met could apply for
nationwide authority which I did and received. 
This philosophy of treating customers, drivers, and owner-operators with honesty, and providing dependability
has worked and allowed our company to succeed and continues to grow today."

Brad McAlister- President

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